Legacy Software Modernization

Our Legacy software modernization offering helps in transforming your legacy application to an agile and efficient application with the power of modern software engineering best practices.

We transform your legacy applications into a modern software application

With Legacy Software Modernization, Hashedin aims at “Re-inventing” the existing software assets to make them more aligned to Digital Business needs. Our Solution focus is on SaaSifying and Cloudifying the product, Enhancing Agility through DevOps automation, transforming UI/UX and complete rewrite of the application code leveraging Hashedin’s RAPiD methodology.

What we do?

Depending on the business needs, challenges and prioritization, Hashedin accelerates the transformation of the legacy application via one or more of the following approaches.

Migrate to Cloud Native Architecture

We perform an architecture review and couple it with business priorities to form the cloud native strategy customized for each solution. This strategy is then executed in Agile way to benefit the customer.

Re-engineer UI/UX

User centric review on UI/UX enables business to understand the constraints in delivering use cases effectively to customers. We leverage our proprietary HUX accelerator solutions to make end users fanatical advocates of the application.

Optimize Performance & Scalability

We benchmark & evaluate performance bottlenecks and recommend the optimization roadmap. Post that, we help users to achieve enhanced performance, reliability and scalability through targeted iterative development methodology.

Rewrite applications using RAPiD

From a smart directory of open source options and Hashedin predefined accelerators, we help you choose the best alternatives available. This is focused to reduce costs and enable control of everything running on your system to meet changing business objectives.

Enhance Agility to Release Early & Release Often

We focus on reviewing process and tools used for Delivery, Development, Release and Operations to identify opportunities to enhance agility. We enable this transformation through process changes, tooling and automation.

How we do it?

Hashedin’s modernization service combines our accelerators, processes, tools, technologies and best practices with our senior architects to enable businesses to transform legacy applications. Hashedin follows a two step process for modernization.

Accelerated Discovery & Roadmap Definition

Hashedin leverages a set of questionnaires and workshops to identify and understand the application attributes. Based on the analysis and prioritization, we share a structured roadmap of modernizing the existing software solution.

This helps in getting everyone on the same page, and act as the reference point for the development team to execute flawlessly to meet business outcomes.

Agile Execution of Prioritized Roadmap using RAPiD

Based on final sign-off with customer on the roadmap recommendations, Hashedin executes the modernization plan in an Agile and Iterative manner. This approach involves Sprint based development with Bi-monthly Demos, Status Reports and Production Releases.

The outcome of this phase is the modernized software that meets the business requirements.

Case Studies

Photo of Next Generation UI

Migrated legacy controller configuration UI to a next-gen UI

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, is one of the leading providers of next generation networking solutions for enterprises. Aruba’s mobile first, cloud first approach.

Photo of WinZip

Re-architecting the legacy system to Python and Django

WinZip is a shareware file archiver and compressor for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android developed by WinZip Computing.It can create archives in Zipping file format.


Here’s what our customer get by using Hashedin’s Legacy Software Modernization and Software Transformation Solution:

• Enhanced UI/UX

• Cloud Compliant

• SaaSified

• Microservices Architectures

• Faster Release

• Increased Automation

• Reduced Tech Debt

• Reduced Time to Market

• Better Security and Performance

• Reduced license costs

We deliver a product that delights customer and transforms the way they drive their business with our modernization efforts.

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