Faces of HashedIn

Get to know our Hashers up close and personal!

Kshitij Bhatnagar

Software Engineer

Born in Jaipur and brought up in Delhi, my childhood was mostly spent playing various sports, especially tennis. I hail from an artistic family, father being an artist, mom being a dancer and brother being an architect. But for me, art was always a hobby and I never saw it as a profession, though I topped Arts in the 10th standard boards. Being a 90s kid, I have seen the transition of technology from basic devices to smart ones, and hence, electronics has always fascinated me since childhood. This, along with my love for physics made me opt for Electronics and Communication as a specialization for my engineering degree.

During college, I opted for many computer science electives and gradually developed an inclination towards it. Exposure to Electronics and Computer Science during engineering helped me gain an insight into the magnificent world of technology, motivating me to keep exploring it. One of the key milestones during my graduation was receiving the ‘Best Project’ award for improvising and detailing the practical implementation of a microcontroller for a digital lock system in a project-based learning competition at Vellore Institute of Technology. I also hold a certification in Lean Six Sigma and Neural Networks and Deep Learning. 

In February 2020 I joined HashedIn by Deloitte right after graduation and currently working as a Software Engineer specializing in Front-end development with React. 

As a Hasher, my work days include learning something new that starts with catching up with the team over daily scrum calls and working on assigned tasks later in the day. Since Hashedin’s culture encourages fun equally, we also keep playing small games to de-stress ourselves, unless we have to skip it for some high priority work. During my short yet meaningful professional journey so far, there have been some achievements that I am proud of. One of them was the successful implementation of Algolia Search across the entire platform with eleven modules, which was well appraised by the client for delivering the functionality on a short notice and time crunch. Also, being an active member of the hiring process I have taken over a hundred interviews and trained many fellow Hashers to do the same.

Apart from striving to excel as a techie at my workplace, I am also a member of the Gluecklich team, partaking in hosting, conducting events and organizing fun activities at an organizational level.  I have also led many batches of the Kunakidza team for designing fun activities and mentoring freshers. 

In my leisure time, I sing, play the guitar, or engage in sports. I like to keep myself updated with the latest technologies, so, I enjoy enhancing my knowledge by learning more about Cloud (AWS) and Mobile Technologies (React Native, Swift) so that I can contribute more to team projects. I am lucky to have my furry friend ‘Coby’ by my side. He keeps me on my toes throughout the day and playing with him gives me a sense of happiness and belonging. I believe that success is a game of discipline and I hope I can champion it in the future, I just have to keep swimming.

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