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Years of Building on Heroku

Use Heroku PAAS to build apps and services without any operational hassle. Now with Heroku connect, we can built seamless apps on Salesforce data. Quick, Simple and Scalable.

Heroku at HashedIn

Heroku - Salesforce Connect

Seamlessly build and integrate applications, services, custom logic and mobile apps on your Salesforce data.

Heroku PAAS

Build or migrate your application to Heroku Platform as a Service. Run application without operation hassle.

Success Stories


Singapore’s Leading Financial Services Co

Singapore’s Leading Financial Services Co

Regulatory System For Investment Bank

We developed a controllers regulatory tool that helped the client in sourcing data from heterogeneous systems & export the relevant reports.

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A Social Intelligence Co

A Social Intelligence Co

Social Media Dashboard For In-Depth Analytical Insights

We built a social media analytics dashboard that allowed the customer to monitor live data, evaluation & then iterate campaigns on a real-time

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Fortune 500 Healthcare Co

Fortune 500 Healthcare Co

Fortune 500 Healthcare Co

An Integrated Cloud Platform for Healthcare IT Systems

HashedIn built a cloud platform - Operational Dashboard for Patient Portal for visiting patients, Clinical Management iPad app for nurses etc.

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Heroku and Salesforce Connect

Unsure what Heroku connect with Salesforce can do for your Sales and Business?