With the help of our expertise, we are able to suggest, launch, migrate, and maintain infrastructures in Azure. HashedIn has the much-coveted ‘Microsoft Gold-certified’ member status in the Microsoft partner program. This recognition helps us to strengthen our partnership with Microsoft, optimize, and build cloud-native solutions for enterprises. We facilitate our customers to adopt multi-cloud.

Our Microsoft Capabilities

Application Modernization

HashedIn leverages varied capabilities, features, and strengths of the cloud to enhance service offerings and achieve business goals. Our app modernization experts help revamp the legacy applications using new-age digital technologies that help facilitate better control and customize capabilities.

  • Role-based user access for select features
  • Anytime, anywhere access with appropriate security measures
  • Minimize Capital expenditure and optimize operational cost with scale
  • Reduce licensing and other operational costs
  • Make application scalable, reliable and flexible

Faster Application Deployment

Deploy and manage containerized applications using fully-managed Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) with enterprise-grade security and governance

Out-of-the-box DevOps

We help you choose just what you need to complement your existing workflows or integrate all Azure DevOps services into your workflow

Agile, Scalable & Resilient Applications

Our Azure experts bring enterprise-grade container orchestration with Kubernetes to add business value to your DevOps ecosystem

Build New Capabilities & Innovate

Accelerate application development and build intelligent apps with the Azure Serverless platform

Data Engineering

HashedIn’s has been consulting and implementing Data Engineering Solutions from inception and has delivered impactful solutions to 100+ clients. HashedIn’s Data Engineering services have revolutionized the way data has been built and constituent the below capabilities



Data Ingestion & Processing

HashedIn’s Data Ingestion helps custom connects for azure data factory, integration with enterprise systems, data cleaning & aggregations, building golden data sets, creating star/snowflake schemas for analytics

Unstructured Data Processing

HashedIn’s unstructured data processing helps in varied aspects such as real-time video processing, Image processing, machine learning-based text extraction, mining insights from logs

Business Intelligence and Reporting

HashedIn helps businesses by providing custom dashboards integrated with line of business applications and visualization using Power BI.

Performance Optimization Service

HashedIn provides optimization services for slow running queries/analytics workloads on an outcome basis


HashedIn helps in Data modeling, enterprise data warehouse, performance reviews, storage cost optimization, and migration planning

AI/ML Capabilities

With AI/ML being one of the latest trends and key use cases Technology world these days, HashedIn’s top priority in terms of investment is in AI/ML. We are rapidly growing our capability and delivery expertise in the area.



We now have close to 50+ AI/ML engineers in varied platforms.

Azure Databricks

  • Provides a one-click setup, streamlined workflows and an interactive workspace that enables collaboration
  • Apache Spark-based analytics platform Supported languages Python, R, Scala, and SQL


  • Build custom machine learning solutions and integrate them into .NET applications

Machine Learning

  • Azure Machine Learning is used for train, deploy and manage machine learning models ar scale
  • Azure Machine Learning studio to build, experiment and deploy models using pre-configured algorithms

Artificial Intelligence

  • Azure Cognitive Services enable us to build apps that use natural methods of communication.
  • Use cognitive services to develop apps across devices and platforms

Microsoft Partner Consulting

Need help with azure migration, app modernization or implementation?