HashedIn has partnered with the world’s leading technology providers to create impactful value for our customers. We are customer-obsessed and have strategic alliances with partners who have a similar perspective.
Our deep-technological expertise has helped in accomplishing better business outcomes and delivering value to our strategic alliances. Whether it is a faster go-to-market solution or enhancing customer engagements, our joint collaborations have added value to our customers.


HashedIn is an advanced partner of Amazon Web Services since 2010 and one of the few companies in India to have 125+ AWS certified engineers with best in class delivery and deep technical expertise.
AWS provides a complete set of infrastructure and application services that enables you to run everything effectively and seamlessly on the cloud. READ MORE

HashedIn is the Preferred Consulting and System Integrator partner of Confluent, enabling enterprises to maximize the value of data.
Confluent helps the customers harness the torrent of continuously changing data by enabling the Confluent Platform, based on Apache Kafka. It is the only event streaming platform that enables enterprises to maximize the value of data and to power real-time business for organizations across a variety of industries.READ MORE

HashedIn, a born-in-cloud company is a Salesforce Consulting Partner. With 80+ Heroku engineers, we can consult, launch, integrate, migrate applications inside and outside of the Salesforce ecosystem.
Salesforce products and solutions are building blocks for businesses to become software-driven, with focus areas such as Cloud advisory services, nextgen offerings, and build-integrate-migrate applications to Heroku.READ MORE

We are one of the few implementations and consulting partners in the Asia Pacific to Redislabs. Redis has created a new category in the database world, combining the best of in-memory, schema-less design with optimized data structures and versatile modules that adapt to your data needs. The result is the most adept, high performance, a multi-purpose database that not only scales easily but also delivers sophisticated functionality with better coherence.READ MORE

New Relic is an expert web application performance service, designed to work in real-time with your live web app, providing dynamic and flexible server monitoring. This cloud-based platform constantly updates on what’s happening in today’s complex software environments.READ MORE

Keeping security as a top priority for our customers, we have partnered with Palo Alto Networks for leveraging their security offerings such as Prisma Cloud. With our expertise in delivering modern applications in Container and Data Engineering space, and the Prisma Cloud security engine, customers can now adopt Digital Modernization with top-notch security.

Snowflake equips organizations with a single, integrated cloud data platform that offers data warehouse built for the cloud and a core architecture to enable many types of data workloads. The partnership with Snowflake establishes synergies in both data cloud strategy and data warehouse modernization, and helps us reach out to a wider set of enterprise customers, unicorns and startups.