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HashedIn is a cloud service solution provider and an AWS Advanced partner, since its inception in 2010. As part of our DevOps as a service offering, we are focused on providing a host of cloud services for small, medium and large enterprises. Over the years of our association with AWS, we have helped 40+ organizations in creating reliable, scalable and robust cloud infrastructure. Few of our applications hosted on AWS handles around 1M+ hits per day.

We have been AWS Advanced Partner since early 2017, but to ensure that our clients work with the best-in-industry AWS knowledge pool, we had set ourselves a target of achieving 50+ certified engineers by December 2017. We are glad to announce that we have reached our target. It is a feat that has only been achieved by very few Indian companies previously. All these certifications have been achieved as part of the organization’s efficient practices i.e. none of the certified professionals were AWS certified before joining us. With these many certified professionals, our associated clients will certainly get the best support in the industry.

60+ certifications

Being certified on the leading cloud platform helps us in bringing down the risk of cost and optimizing the stability of infrastructure. These certified professionals will enable you to continuously integrate features and services, as well as deliver new builds and features that can be created to offer specialized updates and benefits to a continuous deployment endpoint. We combine stable operation, infinite scalability and a high level of security into one scoop.

This also means that we’re always able to provide to the latest of what AWS has to offer. AWS as of Jan 2018, hosts 1300+ services. As part of our experience in AWS, we have hands-on experience in 700+ services.

Our Offerings On AWS

Over last few years, HashedIn has played an important role in educating and migrating multiple legacy enterprises to AWS. With the new achievement, we’re sure that we will make our client’s journey a successful one.

As part of our AWS offerings, we –

  • Architect highly available, highly reliable systems on AWS
  • Help large/medium enterprises in moving to AWS cloud or adopt new AWS services
  • Optimise your existing Cloud Infrastructure in terms of cost, scale or performance
  • Unifying AWS systems with external services like dockers, on-prem systems, 3rd party services
  • integration, CI/CD, SaaS systems etc.

Our DevOps Offerings


  • Adhering to compliance with HIPAA, PCI, ISO 9001, FIPS, etc.
  • Integrate legacy on-prem applications/data with new systems in AWS
  • Adopting Dockers, Cloud Foundry & Other containers
  • Automation of repeated tasks around IT operations

At HashedIn, we strive to get hold of latest in technology, especially on Cloud platforms. Since 2010, our focus is only to ensure that when our client adopts cloud then they should get the best available services. This is very evident in the fact that we are AWS partners since our inception.

How can HashedIn and Amazon Web Services help your business?

  • Keep your network, infrastructure and data secure

While increasing the flexibility and scalability on the cloud, it is also important to harden your security at every level of management. We hashers forecast the vulnerability loopholes and test it on different styles of hacking. We integrate application infrastructure with modern tools to protect your environment and data for compliance

  • Cost Savings & Optimization

We will monitor, analyze and standardize your AWS infrastructure frequently, to prevent even a small leak that can sink your great ship. We always recollect and optimize the expense chart as your business needs change.

  • Rely on our Expertise

It is a big challenge to find and retain in-house AWS experts. Our AWS certified engineers will help you architect your rapidly changing business needs. Continuous research and development will enable our engineers to use the modern technology tools kits to deliver a better solution in an easy manner.

We Manage Amazon Web Services For You

  • Architect

Architecting and designing a solution is not a one-time activity that addresses your business requirements. Your application requirement will need major/minor changes as often as your business meet new demands or AWS releases new features that you can make use of, to derive new outcomes in an efficient manner. Our certified solution architects will help you design and architect a well-defined infrastructure.

  • DevOps
    The DevOps in HashedIn will empower you to continuously release new builds and features, as well as deliver new features and innovations. We take care of your DevOps pipeline with end-to-end workflow.You may issue a single command on your workstation to trigger the flow. We use engines like Git, Jenkins, Ansible, Chef, Docker to automate the DevOps pipeline.
  • Scaling

We research and use the most advanced fabric networking technology, which is designed for high availability, scale, and low cost. Our most up-to-date modern toolkit will help you auto-heal most of the IT tickets.Our state-of-the-art will handle most of the incoming alerts with zero human interference. A combination of Git, Jenkins, AWS Elastic Beanstalk with Load Balancing and Auto Scaling, S3, Route53, CloudFront, Cloudformation, ELK stalk will get you a quick oversight of elasticity of the application.

  • Security

Prevention is better than cure. The first step in scoping out a plan for your proposed cloud environment is to think about the fundamentals: data, platform, and users. HashedIn security & compliance forecasts the attacker capability and lockout using advanced security practices. Collaborative attacks, mapping of internal cloud infrastructure, Cross-VM side-channel attacks, extract information from target VM on the same machine are kind of modern hacks.

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