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Use your Salesforce data to build customer facing applications with our Heroku Connect & PaaS expertise.



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Reduce Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) with Heroku PaaS.


Use Heroku Connect’s power to build seamless apps on
Salesforce data. Quick, Simple and Scalable.


Heroku at HashedIn

Heroku Connect

Export your Salesforce data with Heroku Postgres DB and build custom mobile and web apps using exported data. Move away from user based licensing to usage based license within Salesforce ecosystem.

Heroku Paas

Improve the TCO by building or migrating your app on Heroku PaaS, without operational hassles. Leverage Heroku build packs for multiple languages and frameworks, and Heroku add-ons, for a quick implementation of solutions like CI, Pipelines, Reporting, logging, etc

Success Stories

Field Service Management solution built on Heroku

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Centralising data of US Election 2016 on Heroku

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Heroku Connect

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