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We specialize in engineering innovative software products for enterprises and one of the few contributors to the Redis open source since inception. We are based in Bangalore, India, and offer remote consulting engagements over Gotomeeting or Skype.

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We host monthly Redis Meetups in Bangalore, giving you an opportunity to interact, learn and share experiences with Redis community.

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our offerings

We partner with Redis Labs to provide Training, Consulting and Support on Redis Enterprise.

Redis Consulting

- Architecture Consulting

- Data Modeling & Reliability

- Developer & Administrator Training

- Performance & Memory optimization

- Data Replication

Enterprise Workshops

- Redis for Architecture - Best practices

- Redis for Practices

- Data Modeling & Reliability

- Developer & Administrator Training

- Performance & Memory optimization

- Data Replication

Redis Support

- Redis Open Source & Enterprise Support

- Managed Services

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Safe to store session with Redis?

Yes, Redis is perfect for storing sessions. All operations are performed in memory, and so reads and writes will be fast. The second aspect is persistence of session state. Read more

Is Redis just a Cache?

It is far more than just a cache. Like a cache, Redis stores key/value pairs. But unlike a cache, Redis lets you operate on the values. There are 5 data types in Redis - Strings, Sets, Hash, Lists and Sorted Sets. Read more

Know more about underlying data structures

Redis uses 6 different kinds of DS - String, Dictionary, Doubly Linked List, Skip List, Zip List and Int Sets. Read more

RDB Tools

One of our top rated contributions to Redis community. It parse Redis dump.rdb files, Analyze Memory, and Export Data to JSON. Visit Github.

Journey of Redis at Myntra

Sanjay Yadav , Principal Architect at Myntra shares how Myntra uses redis for more than 200+ services to form powerful data structures, group multiple keys under one key, Store unique sorted values and perform multiple functionalities using the power of redis.

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Hashedin & Redis Event

Bangalore - 3 August 2017

Subject - The Swiss Army knife for Greater applications

The HashedIn-Redis Labs meetup that was hosted on Aug 3, 2017 was a grand success. we had 100+ active participants from 50+ companies for this event.The meetup brought together the cloud computing community to connect, collaborate and learn. The theme for this year’s meetup was “The Swiss Knife For Great Applications”

Hashedin & Redis Event

Delhi - 31 October 2017
Mumbai - 2 November 2017
Bangalore - 7 November 2017

Subject - The Swiss Army knife for Greater applications

Hashedin along with Redis Labs will organize Redis Tour, a three city technology event centered around Redis open source and Redis Enterprise technologies and solutions. Redis Tour will happen in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore from end October to mid November 2017. The event is targeted at mid to senior level technology professionals who are already using or evaluating using Redis technologies in their solutions