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Business Intelligence and Analytics Reporting

HashedIn provides consulting and professional services in business intelligence, analytics reporting and decision making dashboards to help businesses derive actionable insights from various bits of data that is gathered.

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Simple and Elegant Solutions

We take pride in developing simple, flexible and maintainable solutions that stand the test of time. We realize big data isn’t for everyone, and recommend tools appropriate to the business domain, analytics need and data characteristics.

Our Process

Identify Key Business Metrics

  • Workshops with Business Managers
  • Identify Business Success Metrics
  • Identify Data Sources & Systems
Extract Data From Systems

  • Databases
  • Sales Force
  • Lagency Apps
  • Web Services
Transform, Aggregate, Cache

  • ESB, DI Tools or Custom Code
  • Data Correction, De-duplication
  • OLAP Database for Reporting
Publish Metrics as Web Services

  • Open Standards based REST APIs
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • JSON and XML Support

  • Slicing, Dicing, Drill Down Filters
  • Mobile, Tablets, Large Screens
  • JS Charts-D3, Fusion or Google
Business Insights & Informed Decisions

  • Data Driven Decision Making
  • Receive Alerts when Goals Missed
  • Real-Time Status Reports


Key Business Metrics.

One of the largest broadcasting and cable television company integrated customer feedback from social media and case history from CRM; combined with an escalation management work flow, and SLA based on priority. The dashboard provided insights to marketing team and managers during the winter Olympics.

Use Cases

Monitor business KPIs
Business Intelligence
Notifications & ALerts
Work flow systems



We help software companies build awesome dashboards, reports and alerting modules within their products. Our teams either augment existing implementations, or rewrite using on modern open source libraries.


Data Warehouse

We build data pipelines by integrating data from multiple systems, normalizing and aggregating data, and building a data warehouse that can be used for analytics and reporting.



We build interactive and on-demand web based dashboards using visualization libraries such as D3.js, Highcharts or Google Charts and web frameworks such as ReactJs or AngularJs.

With Power of

Open Source

We help enterprises reduce their spend on proprietary and expensive tools and databases by migrating to an open source or cloud based technology.


  • Visualization Tools:
  • D3.js, Highcharts, Fusioncharts,
    Google charts etc
  • Reporting Tools:
  • Jasper Reports, Crystal Reports, Microsoft SSRS

  • OLAP Tools:
  • Mondrian, Microsoft SSAS
  • Programming Languages:
  • Python, Java or .NET

  • BI Tools:
  • Tableau, Qlikview, Microstrategy
  • Integration Tools:
  • Messaging tools, SSIS, TIBCO, JasperSoft

  • Relational Databases:
  • Oracle, AWS Redshift, MySQL, Postgres Azure SQL Data warehouse, MSSQL
  • Web Frameworks:
  • ReactJS, EmberJS, AngularJS


Starts from $40K


Agile delivery with sprint approach

HashedIn BI & Analytics Reporting Expertise

We have built solutions for hospitals, a fortune 100 engineering company, a big-3 trading firm in Singapore, a marketing agency that analyzes millions of retail transactions, and social media analytics companies.

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