Container Services

Container Services

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HashedIn’s team has been instrumental in helping clients to containerize their applications, by building, shipping, deploying and running it anywhere. Our managed containerization services leverage existing standard Kubernetes cluster deployment templates and solutions that can accelerate the organization’s containerization services adoption. Apart from maintaining high-end security, reliability and scalability, our containerization services also bundle applications together with all of their related configuration files, libraries and dependencies required for them to run efficiently, across various environments. Setting up and controlling orchestration tools forms an integral part of our expertise, and we use and manage tools and techniques for supervising the complete lifecycle of containers. This also includes comprehending the practices to implement and operate K8s workloads at large scale. Our containerization in-house certified Kubernetes administrators have developed a solution suite consisting of Vm2docker, Kube-it-out, and KubeIn solutions that help your organization automate containerization migration from VM based to the container. These solutions make it easier to build integrations for applications that operate between on-premises and on various cloud environments. Also, in-house proficiency helps us deliver managed Kubernetes services at a fixed cost and with more efficiency.


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Our exquisite packaged containerization services are

Containerization Services

Container Services

  • Dockerfile/Docker-compose written with best practices
  • Automated Security, DR, and Backups with the help of preferred open source tools
  • Production-grade documentation/checklist to maintain the setup
  • Make the application cloud agnostic avoiding lock-in with any hosting provider making it deployable anywhere
  • Secure microservices making them isolated
  • Adhere to CI/CD cycle with faster deployment and consistency of application across different hosting environment gaining benefits of Polyglot programming


Container Services

  • On-premise or managed Kubernetes setup and security testing of setup using the preferred open-source tool
  • No cloud vendor lock-in also available
  • Setup using existing Ansible scripts
  • No single point of failures with full HA setup
  • Documentation on operations at the time of hand-over

Well-Architectured Framework Packaged Services

Container Services

  • Container and Kubernetes managed services inclusions
  • CI/CD setup using tools of your choice
  • DR, Backup and BCP risks mitigation
  • Applicable for both on-premise or managed Kubernetes setup
  • Handling compliances like FedRamp or GDPR or HIPAA

Enabling an organization to disassemble complicated monolithic or microservice architecture into service-based containers, HashedIn’s managed containerization services strive to deploy them into servers/platforms of their necessities. Also, a variety of price models is offered that solely depends on the requirements for both Kubernetes and Docker deployments. As an integral part of our packaged containerization services, HashedIn excels as a tech-driven team to provide free 8 hour proof of concept Dockerization of your non-production services, along with operational support for three months after KPIs are met.

Our Solutions


Vm2docker takes care of converting a standalone application, e.g. WordPress into a docker image and pushes to ECR. Vm2docker facilitates and help reduce containerization time to minutes, containerizes at scale, supports Amazon Linux and a majority of other Linux Distros, and provides out of the box support for AWS ECR, ECS, and EKS.


KubeIn helps build a Docker image, push the image to the Docker repository, and finally deploy it into a self-managed Kubernetes cluster, all without the intervention of the operations team. This process also facilitates and helps deploy MVP or a Proof of Concept or bootstrapping an application over EKS. KubeIn takes a git repo with Dockerfile as input and generates an application URL as an output.


Kube-it-out avoids manual interventions in AWS EKS deployments through automation. It does through a set of scripts that allow for the templatization of manifest files. The code needs to be uploaded with prerequisites and dockerfile, the solution we deploy the code in an EKS within a newly created VPC. Kube-it-out helps templatize EKS deployments fully, no requirements to acquire or learn new tools, controls costs and possesses AWS Native Security.


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