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DevOps Needs Engineering

With time rightly considered as money, it has become imperative for companies to have faster and flexible go-to-market initiatives to enjoy long-term benefits. Gain Competitive Advantage in today’s fast-paced dynamic environment with HashedIn’s unique DevOps Solutions approach as we bring together the best of new technologies.

The HashedIn Approach

We add the element of ‘Continuous’ to complete Software Development Life Cycle beginning from Planning and Development to Backlog Management.

Key Differentiators In Our Way Of Working Are:

Advanced AWS Partnership

Our advanced partnership with AWS enables Cloud Coupling (DevOps + Cloud) approach for creating synergies while shortening delivery times further.

Engineering Focused Approach

We can help you with the migration process by optimizing it, letting you focus on your business.

What Can DevOps Provide You?

Infrastructure Provisioning & Configuration Management Automation

| CloudFormation and/or Elastic beanstalk based Environment Provisioning Automation
| Implement configuration management automation using automation tools (i.e EC2 Systems Manager, Chef, Ansible)
| Containers Deployment and Orchestration (Docker, ECS etc)

Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment Automation

| Continuous Integration using CI tools (i.e. CodeBuild, Bamboo, Jenkins)
| Code Quality Automation (Sonarqube)
| Continuous Deployment automation using CD tools (i.e. Bamboo, Code Deploy)

Product Reliability and Operational Telemetry

| Design and implement High availability and scalability architectures
| DR: Implement backup & recovery policy for each architecture component
| Logs Management Setup & Configuration
| Monitoring Setup & Configuration
| Alert Management

Our DevOps Offerings

AWS Consulting

Build your new initiatives with a sound architecture. Leverage AWS powers to max with our AWS expert team

For New Initiatives


Get the best out of your resources with automation around CI/CD, Monitoring, Logging, Analytics and DR

For Apps Already On Cloud

Performance Engineering

Improve Performance, Availability, and Scalability of your apps, with guaranteed outcomes

For Apps Already On Cloud


Migrate your legacy enterprise apps to cloud-native architecture

For Enterprise Apps

Our DevOps offering helps you seal a concrete path towards your goals, so your firm can deliver quality applications more efficiently at speed.

Case Studies



    HashedIn re-architected 15 years old Winzip legacy application in 10 weeks which runs seamlessly on the latest framework. This elevated their development efficiency by 10x and increased ROI by 4x




    HashedIn enabled Honeywell to build a digital software platform for safety and compliance of its suite of industrial products for gas leakage detection. The platform ingests real time IoT based sensor data, and provides analytics, policy based workflows, a mobile friendly application and real time alerts.



    Ford Motors

    Ford Dealer Connection for US, completel the revamped and re-architected to a newer stack using RAPiD along with a modern embedded inline-editing interface making it simple for dealers to keep their sites up to date.


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