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IoT Driven Systems

We build software platforms to complement your IoT devices

The space between the physical and digital spheres is rapidly shrinking in the modern day’s hyper-connected world, giving rise to an era of true conjunction, driven in part by the rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). Businesses are increasingly embracing IoT Services to boost operational efficiency and revolutionize their business models.

Internet of Things is completely redefining the business landscape by creating opportunities for multiple sources of revenue and enabling effective interactions with customers. The actual potential of IoT lies in its ability to combine machine-generated data with the data created by humans for in-depth insight and real-time decision making.

With an ever-increasing number of available platforms from which to choose, HashedIn can help identify the best solution for your Company’s unique needs. Our teams bring a wealth of experience in creating IoT platforms across verticals from automotive to healthcare industries. With our extensive coverage, we have developed IPs in Industrial IoT for quicker execution and better quality product tailormade to client requirements.

The Internet of Things covers almost all of the industries ranging from a single constrained device up to massive cross-platform deployments of cloud systems or embedded technologies. Merging it all together are various legacy and communication protocols that allow devices and servers to interact with each other in newer interconnected ways.

Although there are various benefits attached to IoT, there is one thing that is quite apparent during the process, i.e. IoT development brings with it a new set of complexities. We, at Hashedin Technologies, leverage our learnings from all our projects in order to help our customers successfully guide their way through the challenging IoT development process.

What we do:


  • Data ingestion using MQTT or HTTP
  • Multi-tenant IoT platforms based on AWS / Azure cloud
  • Real time alerts via a configurable rule based system
  • Analytics and Data Visualizations
  • Anomaly detection using machine learning

IoT enabled safety and compliance Platform

With the safety suite, we brought the real-time monitoring, device management and reporting for the Gas Detector Industry to the cloud.

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Unified Software Platform For A Fortune 100 Company

We developed Honeywell United Software Platform leveraging IoT at its core improving efficiency of their customers in mining and industrials.

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