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IoT Driven Systems

We build the software platform to compliment your IoT devices

Internet of Things is completely redefining the business landscape by creating opportunities for multiple sources of revenue and enabling effective interactions with customers. The actual potential of IoT lies in its ability to combine machine-generated data with the data created by humans for in-depth insight and real-time decision making.

Industrial devices and sensors produce a huge amount of data. We can build the software infrastructure necessary to ingest, aggregate, transform and analyse this data.

What we do:


  • Data ingestion using MQTT or HTTP
  • Multi-tenant IoT platforms based on AWS / Azure cloud
  • Real time alerts via a configurable rule based system
  • Analytics and Data Visualizations
  • Anomaly detection using machine learning

IoT enabled safety and compliance Platform

With the Honeywell Unified Software Platform, we brought the real-time monitoring, device management and reporting for the Gas Detector Industry to the cloud.


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