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A Guide to Building Workflow Based Application with AWS SWF

posted under technology on 09 Jun 2017 by vinitrai
Workflow based application plays a critical role in modern day's business. Here is a blog on how AWS SWF service can handle business workflows.
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Multi SSL Host With ELB

posted under technology on 23 May 2017 by SaurabhSri
For our setup, SSL negotiation will be done by nginx on the web server, rather than by the ELB.
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5 Absolute Must Have Jekyll Plugins If You Care About Performance and SEO

posted under technology on 17 Jan 2017 by sri

If you are using Jekyll to build a static website, here is a list of awesome plugins that will help you achieve your performance and seo goals.

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How to Deploy RabbitMQ on AWS

posted under technology on 10 Jan 2017 by karthik

RabbitMQ is a messaging broker, and is an excellent choice to maintain task Queues. Here is how you can configure RabbitMQ on AWS in an autoscaling load balanced environment.

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5 Gotchas with Elastic Beanstalk and Django

posted under technology on 06 Jan 2017 by sri
Deploying django apps on Elastic Beanstalk? Beware of these 5 pain points.
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AWS – Range of Storage Systems

posted under technology on 13 Apr 2015 by sri
What's the difference between instance storage, elastic block storge, elastic file system, s3 and glacier? When should you use what?
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