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Kashish Jajodia

Head of Technology

It is laudable how efficiently the HashedIn team migrated our functional ML training and inference engine in Databricks to AWS Sagemaker. This helped us handle our workload within minutes, resulting in minimization of cost. Understanding our requirements well, the team worked meticulously and assisted us in managing and monitoring our machine learning aspects with agility. We are hopeful of another successful collaboration with HashedIn in future.

Sajin Mangalathu

Chief Information Officer

HashedIn's tech experts comprehended our requirement to create a Unified Financial Payment Mobile Application very well. The team successfully developed the mobile application that aims to ease the user journey and give better UI experience in getting their loan information. Their agility and tech chops deserve every bit of appreciation. We look forward to continuing our journey with them on other projects as well.

Jim Iannarone

Sr. Director Master Data Management/ Supply

HashedIn successfully delivered to us Match IQ, an AI/ML-based tool for mapping data sets from different providers within just ten weeks. Using this, we are able to reduce the manual overhead, and this application is now getting integrated into Sodexo's existing system. The way they have embraced our challenges and incorporated the feedback immediately into the design has been instrumental to the project's success. HashedIn team's agility, commitment, and flexibility are commendable, and we look forward to collaborating with them in future too.

Rajiv Tandon

Chief Operations Officer

I would like to appreciate the pace and efforts put by the HashedIn team to complete the deliverables on time! I am quite impressed with the dedication and professionalism demonstrated by them while developing our event management application. At the same time, I should highlight the promptness shown in accommodating the feedback/suggestions in the product features. The team ensured that the application was cloud-native and aligned with modern technological elements. I am quite hopeful that if they continue to work with the same rigor and an eye towards quality, they will reach greater heights.

Jacob Chandy Varghese

Head of Engineering

HashedIn with their expertise in architecture and engineering development processes, helped us to accelerate the product buildout for our customers. They were proactive, proficient, and worked seamlessly with the EdGE Networks team.

Ronny Hatletvedt

Chairman of the board

The Design Thinking workshop was very good for two reasons. It actually gave me a much-needed alternative perspective of the application I am trying to build for the Fishing Industry. Secondly, it is needed for the experienced designer to be able to understand what we are trying to achieve. So it was a mutual learning process.

Kausalya Nandakumar

GM - Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Glyd was launched in the market at a quick pace, thanks to the dedication and commitment of the HashedIn team working on product dev. The team understood the requirements of the business and worked with high involvement to make a robust architecture for a new age venture. The HashedIn team is a highly dedicated one taking great ownership on the product delivery and displaying true commitment to ensure business success. We look forward to our journey with them for Glyd and hopefully other projects as well


Sandeep Soni

Director Engineering,Nutanix


HashedIn developers got assimilated very quickly into the core development team at Nutanix, anticipating our needs quickly. Having done this successfully, they are continuing to deliver stellar service.


Ankit Gupta

Technology Head, Curefit


HashedIn team has worked diligently with us to design the Morpheus desktop website. The team delivered an intelligent design and robust solution against a challenging schedule. They accommodated many new requirements and gave impressive results with every task.



CTO - Trringo


HashedIn team is a pleasure to work with. They demonstrated strong commitment towards the success of our project and pulled all stops to align with our time to market needs. Trringo wanted to work with a vendor who understood product development vs building custom solutions. Obviously this meant a lot of agility, iterations and collaboration, which they understood really well.



Co-Founder & CEO


HashedIn team seamlessly integrated with our internal team and delivered the partner portal application in just 4 months. The product has helped our hotel partners to gain instant visibility into their operating costs while strengthening our business relationship


Avinash Tiwari

Co-Founder & Board of Director


As a tech product startup it was critical for us to find a partner who could align with our vision, understand the complexity of our product and provide a quick turnaround. HashedIn team not only understood the problem quickly, but they also came up with important suggestions for product improvements. Most importantly they always delivered on time.



CEO, Freshers World

Freshersworld logo

We were paying 5x extra cost for AWS before HashedIn optimized it for us


Harish Abbott

CEO, Symphony Commerce


HashedIn MVP service is a winner. It saved us time & focus, and we were able to quickly launch ideas in three week iterations to gather feedback and improve end-to-end vendor experience.


Priyal Bhatt

Tech Innovation Program Assistant, NDI


Our experience working with HashedIn to build an interactive learning application was extremely rewarding. The team was thoughtful and user-focused in their approach--really bringing user perspectives and preferences into the design of the application, from picking the right color schemes and fonts to gamifiying user experience. The team was also very responsive, with a keen eye to trends in the industry that inspired high confidence in their work. They were easy to work with and collaborative, updating the application as we gave feedback and input. We look forward to continuing our partnership with HashedIn.


Hardik Dedhia

Co-Founder Ascent Health

HashedIn has been a valuable partner in creating winning software solutions for us. The team has significant expertise in the field. They have helped us manage workflow complexities, transform Django pages to Angular pages and develop intelligent UI. They were on top of every task and have delivered excellent support throughout the process.

Nexus VP

KG Subramanian

MD & CFO, Nexus Venture Partners

Nexus logo

Hashedin team helped to revamp our existing Investors Portal to enhance security and user experience. Overall a great job and a nice experience working with Hashedin!

Andy Platter

Andy Platter

VP of Engineering, Buzztime


The HashedIn team has played an instrumental role in modernizing our API platform, this new API platform not only enabled access to food menus across 40K tablets deployed in our customer’s venues, but has also reduced third-party calls by 83%.

Prasannaa Ganesan

Prasannaa Ganesan

VP Operations, Winzip


HashedIn team turned around a 15-year-old complex framework to a modern technology stack in 10 weeks, which improved the developer's efficiency by 10x


Brian Rauch

Director, Versata


HashedIn team has played a crucial role in making many multi-million dollar projects for a Big 3 Automotive customer successful.

Sivaprakash Saripalli CTO, Mahindra Smartshift

Sivaprakash Saripalli

CTO, Mahindra Smartshift

Smart Shift

HashedIn helped Smartshift deliver a responsive, cross-platform mobile application for our on-demand hourly rental business. The team is deeply passionate about tech and committed to do it right.


Ritesh Kapahi

Senior Director, Engineering


HashedIn team helped us in transforming the legacy UI to latest technology. They developed a user-friendly web application, which made configuring controllers faster and easier. They not only followed test driven development that helped in keeping the system stable and reduce bugs/reworks, but also optimised performance of some complex modules to reduce the response time to one third.