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We help enterprises and product companies to transition their legacy software products into modern, cloud based software in a phased manner, ensuring business continuity along the way.

We are based in Bangalore, are 130+ strong team, and have worked on software transformation projects for 5+ years.

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HiWay Employee Management

Android / iOS / UX

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A developer spends his day working with digital tools like IDEs, Git-hub, Asana, Jira, Skype, Hangouts, Calendars. With every tool, you leave a small footprint back. HiWay exists to collect all those footprints to help you make sense of the day and where your time was spent.

Our Recent Works


Art Collective

Web / Tablet

HashedIn Technologies is a consulting firm, specializing in cloud, web and mobility platforms. We strive to provide our clients best ROI by diagnosing problems, crafting solutions, deploying under harsh constraints and seeing it through finish line. We work with Enterprises and Start-ups in the US and APAC.

Our Recent Works


Social Media Dashboard

Web / Tablet

This project demonstrated how an enterprise application can be developed within stringent timelines without compromising on the quality ot the objective. Hashedin has demystified the art of interacting with consumers through social media and meeting their increasing demand for a dialogue with the enterprises.

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