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AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is Amazon’s very own reliable event-driven and serverless compute service. It is quite good at what it is meant for, i.e.building serverless micro-applications

System Thinking Modes

System Thinking Modes & User Experience Design

If you had ever tried to control your brain, your thoughts and emotions, you would have realised that our brain can think in two ways: Fast and Slow.

Shaping the Future of Urban Mobility

With a limited number of non-renewable resources, one future scenario for the mobility sector would be one of the shared economies.

HashedIn: Making Migration of Data Infrastructure To AWS Uncomplicated

Modern companies are gradually realizing the problems associated with on-premises storage, as the data being produced by them increases consistently.

The Prospects of AI and ML in the Indian Market

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning ( AI & ML ) are integral elements of the contemporary tech world and are witnessing a fast-paced growth rate in India.

Why innovation is the future of the IT services industry

With the growth of digital technology and increased competition, IT Services companies can longer profit by providing cheaper, faster services.

Why a newbie should join HashedIn, a Product Development Services Company?

Well, every individual goes frenzy when it comes to your first job. As a young developer, I wasn’t sure of the right career path when I graduated.

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