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Implementing AWS WAF in a High Scale Enterprise Environment

Underwriting in the Digital Age

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is Amazon’s very own reliable event-driven and serverless compute service. It is quite good at what it is meant for, i.e.building serverless micro-applications

System Thinking Modes

System Thinking Modes & User Experience Design

If you had ever tried to control your brain, your thoughts and emotions, you would have realised that our brain can think in two ways: Fast and Slow.

Shaping the Future of Urban Mobility

With a limited number of non-renewable resources, one future scenario for the mobility sector would be one of the shared economies.

HashedIn: Making Migration of Data Infrastructure To AWS Uncomplicated

Modern companies are gradually realizing the problems associated with on-premises storage, as the data being produced by them increases consistently.

The Prospects of AI and ML in the Indian Market

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning ( AI & ML ) are integral elements of the contemporary tech world and are witnessing a fast-paced growth rate in India.

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