29 Aug 2018
5 Reasons why HashedIn is a “Great Place to Work” for me
Thanmayi Devaladakere
#Company | 5 Min Read
HashedIn has been recently recognized as one of India’s best IT companies to work for in 2018 by Great Place To Work Institute. We are one of top 10 IT service companies headquartered in India to be certified as a “Great Place To Work“. The icing on the cake is that HashedIn is the only company from Bangalore to make it to the list. It’s a proud moment for us, Hashers and I feel blessed to be part of this unique, winning culture at HashedIn. When I started writing this blog, I felt I should write about my experience at HashedIn as an employee rather writing it as an HR personnel. Nearly a year back, when I first attended the interview at HashedIn, I was pleasantly surprised by the happy vibes I got from the office. I was not disappointed on my first day at work. It was great! It’s been more than a year now and it still feels great like I did on my first day of the job. In this blog, I want to share my experience as a Hasher and the reasons why I love working with HashedIn. Here are the top 5 reasons that make HashedIn a great place to work:
1) No Monday blues
Walking into a happy workplace on a Monday morning is one of the best things to happen to me in my career. We have a very open, flexible, and collaborative work culture at HashedIn. The on-boarding process includes a scavenger hunt, games, and interactive sessions. These activities encourage new joiners to explore the office and interact with colleagues. You feel at home instantly. New joiners are also assigned a HashedIn buddy who helps them get familiarized with the office, the HashedIn policies, their team, and their role. Right from day one, you feel like you are part of the team and the HashedIn family. When work is fun and enjoyable, it is easy to fall in love with Mondays.
We love Mondays.
2) Flexibility
Flexibility means different things to different people. I am a working mom and flexibility at work is important to me. HashedIn gives me the flexibility to work from home, manage my work time in a way that helps me to take care of both my family needs and my career goals. Women constitute over 30% of HashedIn’s total strength and the company has some amazing women-friendly policies. Employees have even brought their kids to the office. HashedIn makes you feel valued and appreciated. With supportive colleagues and flexible work policies, everyone can win at work and have a great work-life balance.
We respect freedom.
3) Ownership
At HashedIn, there is a lot of emphasis on teamwork, fairness, and collaborative decision-making. You can approach anyone from the CEO to your peers to share your ideas and execute projects. In the very first week of joining the team, I had my first ‘Chai with CEO’ session, where I could share my open feedback and ideas directly with the CEO. Even the office space has no cabin system. You can sit anywhere and interact with any team.There is no micromanagement or red tape. Whether you are an intern or a manager, you have the freedom to share valuable ideas and bring them to life.
We are innovators.
4) The HashedIn perks
Working at HashedIn has a lot of perks. I love the facilities I get at the office like free home cooked food, gym, access to a fully stocked pantry, etc. We also have a fully loaded games room. Whether it is an All Hands Meet or An Open House, there is always something fun lined up. You get recognized for your contributions with Spot awards and rewards. Entire team goes for outings to exotic locations like Goa. The perks at HashedIn are pretty awesome.
We have a lot of perks!
5) Happy and fun loving team
I work with some of the smartest and coolest people in the country. I never had a dull day at work. We have many fun activities and games throughout the week to keep everyone energized and refreshed. From Zumba sessions to CSR initiatives, you can participate in a lot of activities outside your scope of work. We also celebrate all major festivals from Eid to Holi. Thanks to the happy and fun loving team at HashedIn, I look forward to going to work every day.
We are HashedIn. It feels great to be officially recognized as one of the coolest IT companies to work for! I want to thank all the Hashers and well-wishers who made this possible. This is just the start! We will continue to be the brand ambassadors of HashedIn and strive to become better every day. Want to join the HashedIn family? Check out current openings here