03 Feb 2023
The HashedIn Onboarding Experience
Sripathi Krishnan
#Business | 3 Min Read

New Employee Welcome Kit

Yesterday was my first day at HashedIn. My onboarding experience was so good that I had to write and share it with the world.

I have been designing consumer-facing experiences since 2004 and I can very well gauge the level of subjective satisfaction a candidate gets during his onboarding “experience”. The first day at work is just like your first date. It is the first impression that either breaks or drives your dreams. If your first day at work is great, you know that you have a great start in the organization. Believe me, when I say this, HashedIn scores a perfect 10/10 on this aspect.

It all started with the HR meeting me sharp on the mentioned time. Time being an important finite resource, I felt the company values it so much. All the statutory form-filling was done in less than 30 minutes, something that generally takes hours in other organizations.

The HR briefed me on the important pointers essential for the first two days of induction as well as for the long run. She gave me all the information I needed and checked with me regularly to know if I was up to speed or need further clarification.

An Agile, Fun and Flexible Culture

My experience with IT folks had never been this hassle-free. While people joining other firms run from pillar to post to get their machines configured, I was up and running in less than 15 mins with a brand-new MacBook Pro. All necessary software installed and running. My new bank account created just under 10 minutes!

There were some really cool goodies in the Welcome Kit like the Hasher’s T.Shirt, a cool badge, company handbook etc. My buddy and I  were given matching T.shirts and I was able to quickly relate to the pre-designed experience, without anyone detailing me the same. I felt my learnings got a fresh start.

New Employee Welcome Kit

With my buddy detailing out the business models, clientele and operating mechanisms, I was able to get all the important information quickly without skimming through pages and pages of process documents. All my queries were answered and I felt really excited to get started with my project. He took me around and introduced me to almost 100 other Hashers. Everyone across the four widely spread floors were warm and welcoming. The work culture here is so positive that I instantly felt like a part of the HashedIn team and got super excited to work with everyone.

New Employee CEO Designers Connect

Towards the end of the day, it was time for chai with CEO. Yes! You heard it right. I had a fruitful interaction with the CEO of the company on the very first day at work. I also had the chance to interact with all of my fellow designers in the company. We shared interesting stories and exchanged cool ideas. Time flew by, that I wished the day never came to an end.

With an open and fun work culture like this, I am looking forward to coming to work every day and experiencing professional happiness like never before.

HashedIn, you rock!

A Big shout-out to fellow Hashers Monica, Thanmayi, Ashish, Azhar and our CEO Himanshu for creating the best onboarding experience ever!