The Rise of Cloud-Native Technology Ecosystems


Manish Dave, Judelyn Gomes and Pooja Joshi

19 Jan 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated the pace at which companies are migrating their application workloads to the cloud. To keep up with the increasingly digitally-enabled world, companies of all sizes are evolving the way they work, to drive agile product delivery and innovation.


Cloud-native technologies are positioned to be the key aspect that helps companies to meet the challenges of the digital-focused marketplace. It comes as a perfect solution for IT organizations looking to deploy resilient and flexible applications that can be managed seamlessly from anywhere.


Growth of Cloud-Native     


Companies have gradually realized the need to move important components of their business infrastructure to the cloud. The business challenges cropping up due to the restrictions put in place for the COVID-19 pandemic have considerably reinforced this need. While many companies have opted to migrate their legacy systems to easy-to-manage and cost-effective cloud platforms, many are choosing to develop cloud-native apps. Unlike the typical legacy applications that have to be migrated to the cloud, cloud-native ones are specially built for the cloud from day one. These apps tend to be deployed as a part of microservices and run in containers. They typically are managed with the usage of an agile methodology and DevOps.


There are several advantages a business can enjoy by going cloud-native, such as:



Technologies that are a perfect fit for cloud-native:



All companies, no matter their core business, have to embrace digital innovations to stay competitive and ensure their continued growth. Cloud-native technologies help companies enjoy an edge over their market competition and manage applications at scale and with high velocity. Firms previously constrained to quarterly deployments to important apps are now able to deploy safely several times in a day.




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