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Manish Dave

DevOps Leader

Like every school kid in the late 1990s and early noughties, my childhood spent in Mumbai and Jodhpur was majorly influenced by black and white mobile phones, Orkut, play stations, Nintendo’s Gameboy, Internet cafes and gaming parlors, Google and Wikipedia. While computers became a mere fascination for other teens, this age of technological boom gave birth to the ‘Tech Geek’ in me. Therefore, Computer Science and Information Technology became the obvious choice for me in engineering.   

When I completed my engineering, Automation tools were the next big thing. I remember J2ME as the upcoming framework for mobile devices without UI, and every aspect of it made me incredibly intrigued. But what is life without some roadblocks? In 2008, when I was ready to kickstart my career in tech, recession hit. Despite being a setback, I was fortunate to come across some great mentors who eventually helped me cut it as an Automation Engineer with Python, J2SE, Perl and Shell as preferred languages.   

Finally, in May 2013, I joined HashedIn as an Automation Engineer. Due to a culture of Cloud-native Engineering here, I soon took a liking to Cloud. There seemed an obvious overlap between Automation and Cloud DevOps, so Cloud DevOps seemed a clear choice going forward for me. And thus, after so many years of accumulating a wealth of knowledge and experience working for a global clientele, today I proudly call myself a DevOps Cloud Architect. 

Every time I retrospect on my journey with this organization, I feel extremely fortunate and blessed for being able to venture into multiple roles - QA, Deployment, Product and Team management, Pre-sales, Architect, and DevOps. It is in the DNA of HashedIn to provide everyone with the flexibility to choose their career tracks. Currently, my work also involves on-the-job mentoring and training, apart from liaising between Tech and Business ends of projects.  Every day of being a Hasher is a new challenge, and I always believe in keeping the bigger picture in mind and constantly learning. In pursuit of the same, I have completed various certifications like AWS Solution Architect Professional, Google Professional Cloud Architect and Scrum.org Certified Scrum Master.   

Being a tech enthusiast, I have always been keen to explore a variety of career possibilities. It is my belief that it is interesting to do something new that can add more value to your team, organization, and your career. To have acquired proficiency across so many different roles and getting to work with some of the best minds in the IT industry is something I am immensely proud of and consider as my biggest achievement. 

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