Faces of HashedIn

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Esha Parnami

Delivery Leader

Despite hailing from a conservative family in the small town of Sirsa, my father always had a progressive mindset. He encouraged my sisters and me to be independent, and this laid the foundation for my professional dreams and aspirations. Being the youngest of the four sisters, my road to success was not very daunting as my siblings carved a path for me to achieve bigger things in life. Thus, my love for mathematics urged me to be the first engineer in my family, which initially wasn't a popular choice among my kin. 

My B.Tech. degree in Electronics and Communication helped me explore technology without being restricted to a specific domain. I remember taking up exciting projects in communication that involved working with Bluetooth devices, building an EPABX system (intercom), and soldering connections to circuit boards. Finally, after graduation, I secured a job in an IT firm and started working on a telecom project. Being my first job, it was an exciting period and a great learning experience for me.  

My professional journey began as a developer, but I slowly transitioned to managerial roles. While I took multiple breaks in my career, I also got back each time with fresh perspectives and the motive to contribute with valuable work. When I joined HashedIn in 2013, the organization showed immense trust in me and helped me grow into a confident and motivated individual. Gradually, my role evolved from that of a Tech Lead to a Program Manager, and there has been no looking back since then.  

I still reminisce about one of the biggest turning points in my life while working on an important project. I observed and implemented changes that were resisted by people around me, but the project eventually became a success. With time, project risks and blockers became predictable for me, and helped me deal with critical problems with ease. My tenure at HashedIn has helped me achieve big and small milestones every day and I have managed to master the art of taking tough decisions during challenging projects. My hard work and efforts were recognized by the organization, and I was awarded the “Top Impactor”, which was indeed a proud moment for me. 

Typical workdays as a Hasher include working closely with my team and guiding them in resolving issues, understanding client requirements and coming up with strategic solutions to help the organization grow. I have realized that this is the kind of work that I was always meant to do, in my own organized and methodical way. This has helped me build a structure within my teams and in projects, making me more proficient in handling engagements and their end-to-end deliveries. Also, continuously learning from my work has helped me successfully run large accounts and organize multiple org-wide events at HashedIn.  

One of the most critical aspects of being in a leadership role is to always stay connected with colleagues. As a Manager, I encourage a healthy work-life balance for my team and me without compromising the quality or timeliness of deliverables. Amidst busy work schedules, pursuing my hobbies like painting, gardening and yoga have been consistent. Spending time with family keeps me calm and close to reality in these virtual times.  

My professional life has taught me that life will not always be plain sailing, enticing or fun. There will be moments that are dull and difficult, and during such hurdles, I look forward to accomplishing more. I have witnessed significant breakthroughs in the IT industry, and I am always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow.

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