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Naureen Razi

Sr. Engineering Management Master

While growing up in my hometown Patna, I always longed for a successful career. Even today, my mom recalls my childhood days, which were slightly different from the rest of the girls around me. I was never much into household games; rather I spent most of the time mimicking an officegoer, setting up a work desk, moving around with files, signing papers and pretending to take calls. This phase marked the beginning of my association with corporate life, and by the final year of my graduation, my passion for technology led me to learning programming.

My journey with HashedIn began in 2013 as a Software Development Engineer. Soon after, I started to enjoy writing and executing code to solve problems. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to switch to different roles, from being an individual contributor to an interviewer to a Tech Lead, to finally becoming an Engineering Manager. Transitioning from the role of a full-time developer to a Senior Engineering Management Master required a great deal of determination from my end.

My current role demands substantial effort in terms of delivery, and it strikes a good balance between technology and people management, which I like the most. For each of these roles and responsibilities, I have been fortunate enough to learn from the best in the industry and work with a wide array of technologies. As a manager, I have had the chance to tackle new challenges every day, and it has been a great exposure working with different clients to understand their vision. While the role of an Engineering Manager has enhanced my understanding of multiple domains, becoming the Director for HashedIn University in the recent past has also been an enriching experience.

Each day as a Hasher involves a lot of interactions with Managers, Architects, Developers, Interns and Interviewees, and clients, which pretty much aligns with my trait of being a “People’s Person”. Apart from that, my typical workday requires the utilization of technology to solve different problems, thereby leveraging my experience and expertise. One such valuable project involved working on a cab service application. The strict timeline and challenging algorithm of the booking logic made it a rough ride; however, with the support of a brilliant team, we could deliver excellent results in just three months.

But amidst all the hustle of being a techie, I find time for self-care. During my leisure time, I usually read or play with my beagle - April. Pre-covid, traveling and spending time with friends were two major aspects of my life, and I can’t wait to enjoy them once the pandemic is over. I believe a healthy work-life balance is essential for growing as an individual, and hence, I keep taking vacations and setting boundaries between work and personal life. My hunger to learn new things and giving 100% to everything I do have helped me achieve key milestones in life.

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