Faces of HashedIn

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Siddarth Balasubramanian

Software Engineer

Growing up in Dubai, I had a wonderful childhood, mostly engaged in gaming and sports. I have always had a competitive mindset, as it fuels the will to succeed more in life for me. My love for technology dates back to the 9th grade when I fell in love with coding. It intrigued me how coding could logically solve problems, and this is when I saw myself as a software engineer. Thus, I went ahead to pursue B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering from BITS Pilani, Dubai. Post the degree; I headed to Bangalore, the IT hub of India, to look for a job.  

In October 2020, I joined HashedIn by Deloitte as a software engineer and the month-long training program, HashedIn University, defined my journey so far. The intense workload and stringent deadlines to deliver assignments and learning a new programming language enabled me to adapt to high-pressure situations and apply this experience to real-world scenarios.  

During the first week of HU, I remember facing many hardships, being new to the city and living alone. Due to a damaged laptop, I had a rough beginning. But that made me work harder to catch up on all the HTML/CSS assignments to prepare for React the following week. But thankfully, I completed the assignments with flying colours in the final advanced track (Kotlin), which helped me land my first Project (Sorted SleevesUp). During this project, I honed my Full-Stack skills by diving deep into both React and Kotlin. HU also helped me explore my public speaking skills, along with a lot of opportunities to host events. I became the Lead of Kunakidza for several HU and HUEx batches, which further improved my self-confidence and ensured all-round development.  

Every day as a Hasher, I learn a new technique, a new library, or even a new design pattern. Typical workdays begin with scrum calls to give daily updates to clients, followed by development that involves 80% research (Google and Stack Overflow) and 20% of coding. During this journey, I received the ‘Hasher of the Month’ title in December 2020 and the ‘Top Impactor’ award for significant contribution to the organization.  

I consider three milestones to be my biggest achievements in my journey as a Hasher so far. One is my organizational achievement of successfully leading the Kunakidza Team for HU 19 and 19.1, where we designed 12 different events from scratch virtually.  Secondly, my professional achievement - a successful deployment of AWS Lambda Function using Python and Vault Extension. Last but not the least, having made some amazing friends at HashedIn by Deloitte as an event organizer and a software developer, who I will cherish forever. 

Apart from coding, I enjoy watching TV shows and online gaming during my free time. I also like traveling and working out. As a developer, spending an hour every day solving a difficult problem makes my mind sharper, which helps me improve as a professional. 

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