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Sarath Mohan

Product Master

While growing up in Kerala, I took inspiration from my brother who was a coder, and followed him in taking Engineering in Computer Science. It was after my first year of engineering that I realized coding wasn't my passion; instead, I was curious about what all it can achieve.

But going with the conventional flow, I ended up as a developer in a US-based MNC. This was also where the "Business Analyst" inside me awakened, and I decided to pursue my MBA, post which I joined another US-based firm as a Business Analyst.

I started working at HashedIn by Deloitte in October 2018, when there was no specialized role for a Business Analyst. But the organization's success story instilled confidence in me, and I was enthusiastic about exploring new possibilities and uncharted territories. With time, HashedIn by Deloitte strengthened my understanding of practically dealing with uncertainties and setting realistic expectations. By donning multiple hats in different roles such as Pre-Sales & Project Management and dealing with constantly changing requirements, I have managed to gain perspective on "what not to do" as a Product Master!

My love for technology has always prevailed. In pursuit of the same and to hone my technical skills, I took the AWS Cloud Practitioner and Azure Fundamentals certifications, which gave me a better understanding of the basics of Cloud, its scope and limitations. My typical workday involves daily interactions with the tech team to help me understand the limitations of different approaches to a problem as well as engaging with clients which offers me a better judgement of their needs and priorities, thereby opening new horizons of interpretations.

Every day at HashedIn by Deloitte is a new learning, a new milestone. The curiosity experienced at the beginning of any engagement is something I always await. It lets me explore the ride, apply my knowledge and learn from those experiences in retrospect - a learning cycle that is highly productive and exhilarating. It also does make a lot of difference when the organization recognizes your contributions, be it with the Top Impactor award, or with more learning opportunities.

Thankfully, working at HashedIn by Deloitte lets me also enjoy my hobbies of watching and playing football, and traveling. I strive to excel in my professional space work, and HashedIn has provided a great platform for that, whilst encouraging and enabling a good work-life balance.

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