Faces of HashedIn

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Ashutosh Vijayvargiya

Software Engineer

Growing up in a small village of Udaipur, Rajasthan, I went to the only English medium school in Fatehnagar, a town situated 4 kms away from my village. Unlike other prestigious schools in the city, the resources in my school were quite limited. As a bright student and quick learner, subjects requiring a logical bend of mind interested me a lot. After 10th, I decided to opt for PCM for my senior secondary education, with Computer Science as my fifth subject. But amidst the hectic schedules of preparation for the IIT entrance examination, I lost touch with Computer Science. However, my passion for technology was alive, which motivated me to become a Computer Science Engineer.

I have always been an enthusiastic individual, eager to explore new possibilities and uncharted territories in life. In the second semester of Engineering, I gained some knowledge on open source, mobile, and web applications. I gradually started developing an ERP software with one of my classmates, and we subsequently delivered it to university canteens and stationery shops for trial. But after a free trial period, all of them refused to pay for the premium version of the software. This made me vaguely realize the hardships of working as a professional techie.

During my undergrad days, I attended four International Conferences as an Indian Delegate, such as Future City Summit 2019, Harvard US-India Initiative 2020, 2021, Harvard College Project for Asian and International Relations 2021. My love for technology has always prevailed, and in pursuit of the same, I forayed into the Cloud Computing domain. I am an IBM certified Master Cloud Engineer and a Mulesoft Certified Developer and have a certification in AWS Cloud Security.

HashedIn By Deloitte is the first company in my professional journey, and I joined this organization in February 2021 as a software engineer. The plethora of projects and flexibility available here allow me to unlock the potential of various tech stacks. I have also been a part of the Mulesoft Community, working on projects related to Integration Tool.

As a Hasher, my typical workday consists of coding, Scrum calls, discussions with peers and seniors. Being a fun-loving person, I am a part of teams such as Kunakidza and Glucklich that organize exciting events for Hashers and the new HU batches.

Apart from being a tech enthusiast, I am a bookworm, an organizer, a guitarist, a singer, a lyricist and a sportsperson. Aiming to be a "Ōruraundona hito", which means "All Rounder", I live by the mantra, "It's not what you achieve, it's what you overcome, that's what defines your career". The hunger to learn more motivates me to keep going in life, despite the challenges and hardships.

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