Faces of HashedIn

Get to know our Hashers up close and personal!

Aayushi Singh

DevOps Engineer

From a very young age, while growing up in Patna, I had the urge to learn new technologies and even experiment with them. This made me opt for an Engineering degree, and I eagerly looked forward to coding my heart out. But this remained a distant dream when I joined a US-based MNC in an administrative position after my graduation. But I didn't let the role define me, and thus, I began my journey with Cloud and DevOps.

Gradually, I channeled my time and efforts towards learning and got my first breakthrough of working in a DevOps team. I finally secured my first tech job as a DevOps engineer, and after working for two years, I joined HashedIn by Deloitte in 2021. As a DevOps II engineer in this organization, I realized that gaining expertise on new technologies is crucial, and in pursuit of the same, I completed my Google Cloud Associate Certification course. From a Linux administrator to a DevOps Engineer, it has been quite an exciting transition for me.

My typical workday as a Hasher consists of working on tasks assigned as per JIRA, creating pipelines, IAC, Cloud, etc. I have been a part of projects where the underlying concepts have been completely new to me. But, I love taking up challenges and tried my best to execute every task with dedication and sincerity. Every day at HashedIn by Deloitte is a discovery, and my journey so far in this organization has been extremely enriching.

Besides managing my professional realm, I also indulge in hobbies like travelling, singing and calligraphy to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Though circumstances in my life forced me to almost give up on my dream, my positive approach to accomplishing my goals made me emerge as a happy and satisfied individual. I believe in the saying: "We can't go back and change the beginning, but we can start from where we are and change the ending," and this quote has helped me achieve the impossible.