Faces of HashedIn

Get to know our Hashers up close and personal!

Vidur Pherwani

Software Engineer

I still look back at my early life in Pune, when playing various sports occupied most of my days, instead of straining my eyes in front of the computer. However, computers always piqued my interest, and I was always curious about technology. As an intrigued child, I always would open every piece of technology that I could get my hands on to understand the undiscovered.  

From enjoying articles related to tech to checking out new gadgets launched in the market, technology has always been a part of my existence. The fact that everything can be done digitally these days fascinated me and this motivated me to opt for a B.Tech. degree in Computer Science.

It was in February 2021 that I joined HashedIn by Deloitte as an intern. Currently, I am working here as an SDE-I and in these few months, I have had the opportunity to be a part of some amazing projects. Some of these were new in terms of the technologies that were used and required me to step out of my comfort zone to understand the requirements and curate deliverables on time. But it helped me comprehend the realities of IT projects. I distinctly remember being diagnosed with COVID in the middle of an HBS project. I had two choices, either to slack off or work once I felt better. I chose the latter and completed the work assigned to me on time. This indeed enhanced my confidence!  

My typical workday in HashedIn is all about attending scrum calls and meetings with my team members, writing code, debugging issues, and syncing up with the onshore team. Although this is my first job, I aim to remain in the technical side of things in future and wish to be involved in DevOps and Back-end as well. I am a Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer, and this certification not only helped me write better quality code, but also enabled me to understand the nuances of deployment.  

During my short professional journey so far as a techie, I feel having good teammates is crucial to the quality of the work. At HashedIn by Deloitte, I am treated as an equal by everyone, regardless of my position, which makes me feel valued. This is a great takeaway from your first company, because it sets the precedent for other companies on how you should be treated. Apart from work, I enjoy football, playing on the PS4 and online gaming. But most importantly, seeing what a piece of code can accomplish keeps me driven every day, acting as a great source of motivation for me.

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