Faces of HashedIn

Get to know our Hashers up close and personal!

Pratyaksh Chandra

Software Engineer

While growing up, I didn’t have as much access to technology as kids do now, and hence, most of my time was spent playing with friends. I indulged in a variety of sports, from cricket to Kho-kho during my early days in Delhi. I belong to a generation that witnessed the phenomenal rise of technology and transitioned from landlines to smartphones. I still remember access to the Internet being a luxury during my childhood, something that only a few people could afford. But the technological boom fueled my curiosity for what was always under the hood. My passion for technology and gadgets led me to pursue engineering in Computer Science and eventually a career in the software industry. 

My professional journey at HashedIn by Deloitte started in February 2020 with the rigorous HU program. I was good with technology but lacked focus, confidence, and even a proper structure and discipline towards coding.  But the HU experience guided me in the right direction and brought out the best in me. During the training, challenging tasks honed my front-end skills and helped me gain clarity and the much-needed confidence to approach my projects.  

The words of our Co-founder Himanshu Varshney still resonate with me– “HU is a life changing event”, and this turned out to be true. Despite the immense pressure and demanding scope of work for all tracks, the fun activities and friends I made shaped my HU experience in a way that I never anticipated. I not only developed as a professional but was also able to create life-long relationships.  

I began my professional journey as a front-end developer, and gradually was able to transition as a full-stack developer. Now, I consider myself capable of taking ownership of end-to-end modules in projects with minimal reliance on back-end developers. 

My days start with our daily standup, where we discuss upcoming tasks, work completed so far and any pending action items or questions. Most of my days are occupied with new challenges and interesting tasks, which makes the process more engaging. I also ensure interacting with my seniors over project discussions and mentor my juniors by helping them with their tasks throughout the day.

As a Hasher, I feel blessed to thrive in a positive atmosphere and amazing work culture. I remember being worried about adjusting to the remote working model when the pandemic had started. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find everything functioning smoothly and seamlessly. I was also fortunate to have a great manager who did her best to ensure that we stayed thoroughly connected, albeit virtually.  

Apart from being a full-time techie, my free time is spent listening to music. It is one of the major reasons I took up guitar, which I have been enjoying a lot these days. I have a keen interest in UI design, and this makes me often go through Dribble and Behance to learn about the upcoming trends. My mantra for life is to live every moment to the fullest and take things in their stride as they come. I hope to live by the same by gaining knowledge from enriching experiences in future as well!

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