Faces of HashedIn

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Harshvardhan Rajkumar Ojha

Software Engineer

I was born and brought up in Surat, Gujarat, but I originally hail from the town of Bikaner in Rajasthan. Being a Gujarati, I have always been a foodie and apart from playing Garba every year during Navratri, as a kid, I was also inclined towards PC gaming. During my childhood days, I remember playing a lot of games, from Road Rash to GTA Vice City and Cricket 2007 on my small computer with 64GB hard disk.  

Owing to my interest in economics, I initially took up commerce. But when I was in the 11th standard, a course in Computer Hardware made me highly inclined towards computers and software development. Consequently, I opted for a BCA degree. I clearly remember becoming increasingly passionate about technology during my graduation days. This pushed me to build small websites using PHP and HTML. To upskill myself further, I pursued an M.Sc. (IT) from DAIICT Gandhinagar after my graduation. It was during my post-graduation that I finally got to explore upcoming technologies in detail. 

I joined HashedIn by Deloitte in 2020 as a Linker. After six months of rigorous internship and a total of 11 months of working as a Hasher, I am now a Software Engineer-II. Our HU batch (HU-17) was completely different from the previous batches, as we were trained and onboarded virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Though initially we had to face a lot of uncertainties and challenges, I was blessed with an amazing team of Managers and Seniors Developers, who helped me gain confidence and encouraged me to improve.

My most memorable moment at HashedIn by Deloitte was when I was allocated to a project and had an excellent mentor. The entire experience helped me become a better version of myself. My workday usually starts with coffee over scrum calls, where we discuss our daily tasks. Post that, I try to complete the tasks allocated to me. My day usually ends with reviewing the day’s progress and blockers, if any.

HashedIn by Deloitte has offered me a diverse set of opportunities to discover, and this has been a turning point in my life. One of the key breakthroughs would be becoming a full-stack developer with a good amount of experience in front-end development. Apart from the technical teams, I am also a part of the Kunakidza team. I have organized fun events and interacted with a lot of linkers to make their HU days memorable.  

In future, I wish to accomplish many milestones, which would be instrumental in shaping my career. Apart from the Google Cloud certification, there are many more in the pipeline for self-learning. During my free time, I play PC games, specifically Valorant and spend quality time with my niece.  

To me, being successful in my profession means having a learning mindset, facing challenges, and focusing on self-improvement. During stressful times, I have a unique trick: staying positive by listening to music while coding. I also believe that we, as engineers should never hesitate to seek help from other developers. Learning from fellow professionals not only helps you grow in your career, but also helps develop a newer perspective towards problems.  

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