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Parashuram B Achar

DevOps Engineer

When was the last time you did something for the first time? This thought has always stayed with me and somewhere has given me the courage to be unabashedly bold with my career choices. I knew there was only one way forward, to not be afraid of being a beginner.  

I was born in Belgaum, Karnataka, and as a child, I would often spend my days playing cricket or swimming. I completed my studies in Bellary and since my college days, I have always been interested in hardware and the networking field. One of my favourite sounds to date is the noise servers make in the data centers! This is what piqued my interest in the IT field, and I decided to pursue it further.  

I moved to Bangalore in 2017 and joined HashedIn in March 2019 as a System Administrator. I realized over time that I am more interested in cloud technologies and started brushing up on the skills required for DevOps. HashedIn by Deloitte supported my decision to switch careers by giving me the opportunity to become AWS and GCP cloud certified. In June 2020, I became a DevOps Engineer. 

I knew that my experience would transfer into my new career and most importantly, I was interested in learning more. I completed three certifications - AWS Solution Architect Associate, AWS SysOps Administrator, and GCP Associate Cloud Engineer. The key driver was future growth potential and my love for facing challenges head-on. 

I realize that switching careers seems like a daunting task to many, but I am grateful that HashedIn by Deloitte was supportive and encouraged me to take this chance. Of course, working hard and spending hours and hours studying for the certifications was no cakewalk, but when I look back, I am happy that I had the platform to do so. 

My typical day at HashedIn usually entails attending scrum calls and meetings with my team. Our daily morning discussions on our progress and blockers for our tasks help us plan for the rest of our day.  

For anyone who wants to switch careers as I did, my suggestion would be to continuously learn about the various DevOps tools in your free time. This ensures that when it’s time to adapt to new tools, you are flexible enough to do so. 

Apart from work, in my free time I enjoy watching and playing sports, like cricket and football. I am also a big foodie and enjoy cooking and experimenting with food. 

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