Faces of HashedIn

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Spandan C H Ghosh

Senior Recruitment Master

Despite being a Bengali and hailing from Kolkata, the first 14 years of my life were spent in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, where I completed my primary and secondary education. In school, I was a sports enthusiast and always participated in extra-curricular activities. When my family moved to Hosur, I attended college in Bangalore and studied finance. During my graduation, I became quite interested in the managerial aspects of the course that dealt with people, but I also faced my limitations in terms of numbers and figures.   

I began my career in 2001 when the BPO industry was booming. I remember interviewing for the post of a recruiter in a company, where I was asked about my experience in the industry. Though I had none, I asked the interviewer to let me work as a Process Executive so that I could understand the job profile and figure out the kind of candidates who would be the best fit for the role. This kickstarted my tryst with Recruitment and Human Resources. After spending 2.5 years in core recruitment, I got an opportunity to be an Assistant HR Business Partner, which helped me gain more knowledge about core HR.   

After exploring a few more opportunities in Human Resources, I decided to take a break and venture into entrepreneurship with a friend in the field of sports equipment and sports management. Sadly, it did not work out as expected, and I was back in the corporate world soon after and joined a boutique consulting firm. It began to seem like Recruitment chose me every time, instead of me choosing it! Finally, in 2019, I joined HashedIn by Deloitte and have been here ever since. Currently, I am a Senior Recruitment Master and manage the entire recruitment function end-to-end. 

My typical workday includes going through my mailbox, catching up with my team, and devising solutions to blockers, open issues, specific challenges, and handling recruitment drives. I have undertaken trainings on various topics like transverse management and efficient people management. At HashedIn by Deloitte, I have been awarded the Top Impactor title, and in one of my earlier organizations, I was nominated for having driven the most impact in the South zone. Recognitions like these keep me going, and I have never thought of changing my career track. 

I consider my stint at HashedIn one of my biggest accomplishments to date. Building a high-performing team has been daunting, but I have seen both my team and the organization grow tremendously. HR and recruitment are largely female-dominated fields, and I often call my team the ‘Powerpuff Girls.’ It’s an absolute pleasure to work with women since they tend to be high performers and great multi-taskers. 

Apart from work, I am a first-division cricketer, and my weekends are dedicated to playing cricket. I own a 20-year-old cricket club wherein I nurture budding cricketers. Also, being an avid biker, much of my life is spent crossing the borders of various places, both in and around India. I enjoy cooking too. I believe in challenging myself every day and that has been my mantra in life.  

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