Software Engineering Operating Models and Talent
Strategic advisory and partnership to design and deliver our clients’ SWE teams
Operating Model
Deliver cloud-ready organizations through re-engineering processes and reducing organizational silos, leveraging capability and maturity diagnostics.
People and Organizational
Define the future of work and align our talent acquisition strategy with the client’s business goals. Determine channels and roles to attract, manage, and retain talent.
Location Strategy
Help client determine the best execution strategy for operational effectiveness and cost optimization – nearshore, onsite, and offshore model.
Business Case and
Strategic roadmap of the highest impact changes required for clients’ product and then build pods with the specific skillsets required to augment their current product capabilities.
CoE Build, Operate,
and Transition
Stand up a Center of Excellence to elevate client’s product organization and establishing clear ways of working that empower Product Managers to run the business more efficiently.
Digital Product and App Development
Design, build and deliver mobile and web-based products with velocity, scale and security
Product Strategy and
We help clients clearly articulate their vision for the products and product organization, then build a strategy to achieve this transformation.
Customer / Employee
Partner Experiences
Embed human-centered design principles throughout the product development process in order to maximize impact and adoption.
Solution Architecture and
Define the solution architecture and roadmap to develop high-performance applications.
Custom App
Stand up full-stack pods with the end-to-end capabilities to define, design, build, test, and launch new products.
Enhance existing applications and/or migrate them to cloud architecture, including integration of new functionalities.
Software Platforms Engineering
Build seamless customer and partner experiences with intuitive digital interfaces and workflows
API-based Data
Integrated platform development based on an API-first model where we help organizations launch and/or integrate new features with minimal impact to existing ecosystem.
Product Quality
Infrastructure and testing automation to help organizations promote IT resilience, improve product and platform, and ultimately improve the customer experience.
Agile and DevOps
Continuous integration and deployment through automation tools and IT operational optimization, resulting in better code quality and fewer failures.
Content Platform
Full-stack teams with the end-to-end capabilities to define, design, build, test, and launch new products.
Media and Supply
Chain Engineering
With expertise in Media Supply Chain Transformation (MSCT) across Production, Management, and Distribution; we help develop and select products and solutions to be integrated into the client’s ecosystem.
Data Engineering and AI/ML
Create systems to collect, store, and process data at scale to harness insights and automation
Smart Apps
Build and enhance full-stack cloud native business applications by infusing AI/ML models with SmartApps Framework (Modernize or New).
Modern Data
Infrastructure and testing automation to help organizations promote IT resilience, improve product and platform, and ultimately improve the customer experience.
Data Engineering and
Develop data engineering models for data extraction, exploratory data analysis, model registry, and model development.
Data Governance and
Intelligent data governance enabling management, leveragability, integrity, and veracity of data in enterprise systems.
Data Security and
Identify the right cyber strategy and framework including early threat detection, handling, incident management protocols and regulatory compliance.
Embedded Software Engineering
Drive innovation with connected products that integrate hardware and software
Embedded Systems
Architecture and Design
Designing best in class modern architecture patterns that incorporate industry proven, next generation technologies.
Connected Device and
Embedded Development
Developing embedded software such as device drivers, firmware, working with microcontrollers, FPGAs and SOCs, for Automotive, Semiconductor, Medical, IOT, Consumer, and Industrial clients.
Embedded Testing and
Test Automation
End-to-end verification and validation of the embedded technology stack to develop automation, error traceability, stress and performance testing, and reporting.
Product Delivery and
Maximizing resource value by reducing cost of product delivery and support and enabling end-to-end delivery, operations, and support for evolving product needs and complexities.
Telemetry, Analytics,
and Monetization
Develop telemetry-based monetization strategy, define future state architecture and data model to enable telemetry data capture and enrichment, and build self-service reporting and analytics.
Agile Teams. Large Impact.
Our organization is structured around small, highly dynamic teams working collaboratively to deliver cutting-edge solutions for our clients. We build leaders of the future by encouraging individuals to take extreme ownership of their work and providing the flexibility to work on projects that aid learning and development. The autonomy to utilize specialized skillsets across pods fosters creativity and innovation within team members